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Light Blue Christmas Mesh Wreath

$ 50.00

Light Blue Christmas Mesh Wreath, Winter Mesh Wreath, Baby Blue Wreath, Winter Door Decor, Winter Decorations, Deck That Wall


This beautiful Light blue Christmas Mesh Wreath is made with multiple shades of Light Blue Mesh.  There are two different wired ribbons used throughout the wreath, featuring 2.5" White with Blue Glittered Stripes, and 2.5" White Felt with Blue Trim.  Also used on the wreath is Aqua colored deco Flex tubing.  There are Silver ornaments placed throughout the wreath as well.


This wreath can be used to decorate for Christmas and be left up until Spring as a Winter themed wreath!  Don't you love the wreaths that can stay up for multiple months at a time?


This wreath measures approximately 26" in diameter and 7" in depth.

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